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DroneMobile Geofences for Your Business & Family

Apr 25, 2021
DroneMobile Geofences for Your Business & Family

Over the past year, we’ve improved the DroneMobile geofence feature to be more versatile and practical for users. There aren't just one, or two, or even three ways to use a DroneMobile geofence! How you use this feature will depend on your vehicle security and monitoring needs. But whether you're a business owner, a parent, or an individual, we think you can benefit from the tips below! 

Why Geofences Help Maximize Your GPS Tracking System

Geofences are boundaries you can set and customize around certain areas. When your car enters or exits a geofence, you’ll receive an alert. Here are some ways to use geofences:

  1. Use geofences to keep track of the family car
  2. Set boundaries so your vehicles don’t enter unauthorized areas
  3. Track the progress of your vehicles along their usual routes
  4. Make sure your vehicles aren’t being used outside of business hours


Geofences & GPS Tracking Tools for Families

Geofences can be an incredibly valuable feature for parents of young drivers, couples, and those looking after aging adult drivers who want to give each other driving updates. It’s easy to keep everyone in the loop with Family Sharing. If you haven’t heard about Family Sharing before, essentially, it allows you to add multiple drivers and/or vehicles to a single account. This way, you’ll receive updates for every person and car you’re connected to. 

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Boundaries for Teen Driver Training

Training young drivers can be stressful, but it’s nothing compared to the paranoia you feel when they take to the road alone for the first time. That’s where Drone steps in! The GPS Tracking capabilities of your Premium or higher subscription allows you to set a variety of POIs and Geofences. 

When young drivers take to the road, many parents place restrictions on where and when they’re allowed to use the vehicle. As they’re first starting out, it can be helpful to set geofences around these locations, routes, or restricted areas as an accountability tool. 

Want to know when your young driver arrives at school? Set up a POI. You’ll receive an alert as soon as the vehicle turns off or on at this location. Don’t want your young driver to leave the neighborhood or town? Create a geofence boundary to be alerted if the vehicle leaves the boundary. 

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Keep the Family Up to Date 

A family of four in a vehicle. The man and woman smile at each other as they drive.

Help keep your family in the loop! When you set up Family Sharing, you can also share your vehicle with other DroneMobile users so they can stay up to date with your driving habits. For example, share your vehicle with your spouse so they know when you’re heading home. Or, share with your kids so they know when you’ll pick them up from school or their friend’s house. 

Setting geofences for yourself is simple! You can delete and add new geofences at any time, or move around old ones. This makes them a convenient and safe way to notify someone of your ETA. 

For example, let’s say you’re having a party and you need to run and grab some last-minute things from the store. If you drop a POI at the store, then the people on your account will know when you’re heading back. This eliminates any temptation to text your ETA while driving. 

Keeping an Eye on Aging Drivers 

As our loved ones begin to age, sometimes it can be vital to have safety measures in place to keep an eye on their driving habits. This is what Drone provides. We have many features that can help you keep an eye on aging drivers, but geofences are one of the most valuable. 

Geofences are especially helpful if you live in a different town or state than your loved ones. By setting boundaries around places they visit habitually, you can keep an eye on their location, in case of an emergency, without intruding on their daily routines. Similarly, by placing a boundary around their town, you’ll be aware if they set off on a longer trip. 

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Geofences as GPS Tracking Tools for Business

A business man works on an iPad, standing in front of his fleet of vehicles.

DroneMobile is a valuable tool for fleet tracking, and geofences are a huge part of that. No matter the business, anyone can find a way to use geofences to increase accountability, save time, and keep drivers safe. 

Tracking Deliveries Arrivals and Departures  

While you might not want to set a POI for every delivery your drivers make, they are a handy way to track daily milestones. For example, set a Geofence at a job site and another one at the office. This way, when you’ll receive updates about your team’s arrival and departure times. 

If you’re away from your devices, you’ll still have a log of your fleet's movements within the “Activity” tab in the DroneMobile app. This can be especially beneficial if you’re out of the office or on vacation. 

Eliminate Unauthorized Use of Vehicles 

Even while you’re away, DroneMobile Geofences allow you to make sure your vehicles are being used properly. If your vehicles need to be in the lot and locked up for the day at a specific time, set POIs so you’ll know when your drivers leave for the night.

If your vehicles are used outside of business hours or for personal use, you will be alerted immediately. Additionally, you can create a Curfew Alert so you'll know the second your vehicle turns on outside of the curfew window.

If your fleet isn’t allowed to leave a certain area, you can create a large geofence to encompass the area in which they are permitted to use the vehicle. This way, if your vehicle’s leave that boundary, you’ll know exactly when it happens and you can immediately track their location. 

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Whether you use Drone for your family car or your business fleet, we hope this post helps to give you some new ideas about how to use Geofences! If you’d like to learn more about how to set up Geofences and POIs, check out this how-to article. Enjoy!