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The Top 3 GPS Tracking Features For Renting Your Car on Turo

Jun 23, 2021
The Top 3 GPS Tracking Features For Renting Your Car on Turo

Over the last 5 years, the peer-to-peer sharing market has gone from an out-of-the-box idea to a way of life for many side-hustlers. Car-sharing, in particular, is now a reliable way of generating a steady side income - and with a boom in the travel industry just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to start leveraging your vehicle for some extra income.

There’s just one problem - vehicle security. While some car-sharing apps have better insurance coverage for your vehicle than others, it’s always safe to assume your car is more important to you than it is to the platform you use. That means you need to be ready for any of the inherent risks of renting out your vehicle on a car-sharing app. 

3 GPS Tracking Features for Car-Sharing

If you’re going to start renting your vehicle, then you need to be equipped with these car GPS tracking security features, all included in the DroneMobile X1MAX:

  1. Hardwired Device - You should choose a hardwired GPS tracker - these systems are more secure than magnetic and plug-and-play tracking devices.
  2. Location Alerts - Multiple types of location alerts help you passively stay up to date with your car's movements.
  3. Real-Time Tracking - The most powerful tool at your disposal is real-time location data to get directions to your car at any time.


1. A Hardwired GPS Tracker that Can’t Be Removed

When you look on Amazon, you’ll see a wide array of GPS tracking options, all touting the same benefits of helping keep you safe. But not all GPS trackers are created equal. Battery powered devices are cheaply made, easy to locate, and can be removed by anyone. Most GPS trackers you can buy online have very real downsides that anyone looking to damage your vehicle is well aware of - here are the types of GPS trackers you need to avoid:

  • Magnetic GPS Trackers
  • Plug-and-Play GPS Trackers


If you’re looking for the most comprehensive GPS tracking protection for your vehicle, then what you need is hardwired GPS tracking, like the Drone X1MAX. Hardwired GPS trackers cannot be removed and are hidden - this means that the people renting your vehicle won’t even know you have DroneMobile installed unless you tell them.

DroneMobile X1MAX Module >

What is a Hardwired GPS Tracker?

One of the benefits of a hardwired GPS tracking system is that it’s installed by a trained professional. Even after your installation appointment, most installers will provide you with tech support and tips on how to use your tracking system. 

2. Multiple Ways to Receive Location Alerts

The next thing you need from your GPS tracking system is multiple types of location alerts and ways to gather the location data you need. For example, Geofences, POIs (Points of Interest), and ignition alerts keep you notified of your vehicle’s whereabouts throughout the day without opening the app.

Geofences are boundaries you can set for your vehicle to be alerted when it enters or exits a certain area. These are especially handy if you like to set mileage limits for your renter’s trips or have areas where you’d like your renter to avoid - such as leaving the city, state, or country. 

Learn More About DroneMobile Geofences >

Another helpful feature is POIs - you can set POIs for your drop-off location so can verify the trip has ended without picking up your phone. These are more precise than ignition alerts because they let you know your car is parked and turned off at a specific address.

3. Real-Time Location Data

Many GPS tracking systems have one key flaw that keeps them from providing you the protection you need - they don’t support real-time tracking data. Real-time GPS tracking data is the single most important tool you need at your disposal if you’re going to rent out your vehicle safely. Receiving data about where a vehicle has been once returned can be helpful for private detectives, it’s not very useful in keeping your vehicle safe. 

The Drone X1MAX module is powered by an LTE connection - so you can access your vehicle’s location data any time, anywhere through the DroneMobile app. You can even get directions to your car’s location from the app in the event of an emergency! This connection is maintained no matter where you are - whether you’re across town or halfway around the world.

Real time tracking also allows you to set two powerful types of alerts:

  • Speeding Alerts - This feature allows you to set a maximum speed for your vehicle. If a driver exceeds this speed, then you'll receive an alert.
  • Curfew Alerts - These alerts lets you set a timeframe in which you'd like your vehicle to remain unused - such as before or after your rental begins.


How to Choose the Right Telematics System >

If you’re looking for a GPS tracker, keep the points of this article in mind - the most important features you need for your car-sharing vehicle are:

  1. Hardwired GPS tracking module 
  2. Location alerts & monitoring tools 
  3. Real-time vehicle location data 


Any Drone module includes these tracking features, but if you’re a car-sharer, we highly recommend the X1MAX. This Drone Module includes GPS tracking capabilities mentioned in this article, a dual-stage shock sensor, and a backup battery all in one hardwired, standalone GPS tracking device! X1MAX can be installed as a standalone, hardwired GPS tracking device. Additional parts and labor may be required.

How to Buy a DroneMobile GPS Tracker

You can find the Drone X1MAX at any DroneMobile dealer. Track down your local retailer using our Find a Dealer page. With over 2,000+ retailers nationwide, you’ll have plenty of experts, professional installers to choose from!