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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for all of your questions about Drone XC Dash Cam.

Drone XC Questions

  • Can I install Drone XC as a standalone dash camera?

  • How does Drone XC connect to aftermarket remote start/security?

  • How do I connect my smartphone to the Drone XC?

  • Can I add a 2nd Camera to the Drone XC dash cam?

  • Does Drone XC have a microphone?

  • Can I upgrade local storage on the Drone XC?

  • What file type does the Drone XC record in?

  • How do you set up parking mode?

  • Do I need a subscription to use my Drone XC?

  • How does Drone XC start recording while the vehicle is parked?

  • Does Drone XC have built-in GPS?

  • Will I get real-time notifications?

  • How does LTE live streaming work with Drone XC?

  • Will Drone XC work with my vehicle?

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Drone XC Overview

Drone XC Overview

Eyes on your ride like never before

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Smartphone App

Smartphone App

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XC Camera Specs

XC Camera Specs

Get all of the tech specs for Drone XC.

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