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RC1 Rear Camera

Rear Camera Add-On for Drone XC

Model: XC-RC1

Upgrade your Drone XC Dash Cam with the rear-facing RC1 camera. With an added 146º viewing angle, it more than doubles your XC dash cam's surveillance coverage.


Drone XC dash cam required for installation.

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XC Has Your Back

Add a rear cam to your Drone XC Dash Camera for double the coverage on and off the road (up to 146º of extra surveillance). The Drone RC1 Rear Cam has your back so that you can focus on what’s ahead of you.

XC Has Your Back

RC1 Specifications

RC1 Specifications RC1 Specifications


Image Resolution

Full HD (1080p)

Viewing Angle

Up to 146º

Frame Rate


Operating Temperature

-4° – 158° F (-20° – 70° C )

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