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IR1 Interior Camera

Interior Camera Add-On for Drone XC with Infrared

Model: XC-IR1

Upgrade your Drone XC Dash Cam with the interior-facing IR1 camera with infrared vision. Excellent for ride-share drivers and fleet operators!


Drone XC dash cam required for installation.

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Infra-Red Vision

The Drone IR1 Interior Infrared Camera utilizes a combination of smart light sensors and infrared to record in full HD both day and night.

Infra-Red Vision

IR Specifications

IR Specifications IR Specifications


Image Resolution

Full HD (1080p)

Viewing Angle

Up to 125º

Frame Rate


Operating Temperature

-4° – 158° F (-20° – 70° C )

Infra-red Night Vision




Special Features

360º Swivel Mount

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