DroneMobile how it works

What is DroneMobile?

DroneMobile connects your vehicle to a secure network so that you can control and track it using your smartphone.

DroneMobile start your car how it works

Start Your Car

When it's cold outside, remote start your engine using the DroneMobile app and stay connected to your car in a way that you never knew was possible.

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    Remote Start

    Start your engine from your smartphone.

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    Works with Your Car

    Compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road.

More than just Comfort

Remote starting your car is not only a huge comfort, but it also makes driving safer when the cold causes your windshield to freeze.

droneMobile stay secure how it works

Stay Secure

Forget to lock your doors? DroneMobile allows you to lock your doors and check your vehicle's status even when you're away.

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    Keyless Entry

    Lock and unlock your doors using your smartphone.

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    Security Alerts

    Receive an alert if your car's alarm system is triggered.

Instant Alerts

DroneMobile Alerts gives you the piece of mind of knowing your car is safe. If your alarm is triggered, you'll receive a detailed instant alert on your smartphone.

DroneMobile GPS how it works

Car Finder

Use DroneMobile Maps to find your vehicle with a touch of a button. GPS tracking also keeps you connected to other drivers in your family that also have DroneMobile systems.

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    GPS Tracking

    Locate your vehicle using DroneMobile Maps.

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    Points of Interest

    Receive alerts when exiting/entering an area.

Business Solutions

Own a small fleet business? DroneMobile makes it easier than ever to stay connected to your drivers on the road, and monitor their driver behavior and activity.

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  • What is DroneMobile?

    DroneMobile is a "connected car solution" that essentially connects your vehicle to a secure network so that you can communicate with it using your smartphone.

  • How do I install a DroneMobile system onto my vehicle?

    We strongly recommend that all of our customers have their DroneMobile system professionally installed by an authorized retailer and installer. You can find an authorized store near you today using our Store Locator.

  • How does DroneMobile remote start my car?

    Remote starting your car from the DroneMobile app is a great way to warm up and cool down your vehicle to the perfect temperature. In order to start your car from your smartphone, you will need to have a DroneMobile Antenna and a compatible aftermarket remote starter professionally installed inside of your vehicle.

    When you hit the "Remote Start" command from the DroneMobile app, the remote starter installed in your vehicle safely emulates your key's signal to start your engine. At the time of installation, you can set your remote starter to run for 15, 30, or 60 minutes before automatically shutting off.

    DroneMobile is compatible with many leading remote start brands, including Compustar and iDatalink. DroneMobile Full Systems also include both components mentioned above.

  • How does DroneMobile security work?

    DroneMobile security systems include a number sensors that detect shock, tilt, forward movement, and door intrusion.

    If any of these things occurs, DroneMobile security systems do two things. First, it will trigger the alarm siren, which will be super loud. Second, DroneMobile will send you an instant alert letting you know that something has happened to your vehicle.

  • What do I need to add DroneMobile to my car?

    If you only want to track your vehicle, only the DroneMobile Antenna will be required. If you'd like to start and/or secure your car from your smartphone, you'll need to purchase one of our full systems from an authorized dealer.

    Once you've had your system installed, you will receive 30 days of free service to use your DroneMobile system. After that, you will need to purchase a basic or premium subscription to control your vehicle with your smartphone.

  • What is a DroneMobile plan and why do I need one?

    The DroneMobile module functions very similarly to a smartphone in that it is constantly transmitting cellular data to and from your vehicle. Thus, in order to keep your DroneMobile module actively connected to the cellular network, a DroneMobile plan is required. Learn more about our plans.

  • Can I control my DroneMobile system from multiple smartphones?

    Yes, using the same login, you can control your DroneMobile units/vehicles from multiple smartphones.

  • Does DroneMobile work on my smartphone?

    The DroneMobile smartphone app is available today in the iOS App Store and Google Play store. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices, including today's high-resolution devices.

    Supported iOS Devices - iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPad Pro*, iPad Air 2*, iPad Air*, iPad (4th Generation)*, iPad mini 4*, iPad mini 3*, iPad mini 2*

    * - No iPad-optimized app available, must run the iPhone app

    Supported Android Devices - Most Samsung, Galaxy, Pixel, LG, HTC, Motorola, OnePlus, Droid, and Android-compatible devices.

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