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Top 3 Fleet Management Tools for Small Businesses (2021 Update)

Mar 18, 2021
Top 3 Fleet Management Tools for Small Businesses (2021 Update)

Today we’d like to share with you some of DroneMobile’s best fleet management tools for small businesses. Whether you have a micro-fleet or a large fleet of vehicles, we think you will find all of these tools will help you reach your business goals in 2021.

Top 3 Fleet Management Tools

  1. Real-time fleet tracking - use GPS tracking to keep an eye on your assets and improve the safety of your employees
  2. Driver monitoring - ensure your vehicles are being used safely and appropriately by all of your drivers
  3. Detailed fleet reports - keep a record of all of your driver incidents, trips taken, and more through your account.

GPS Tracking - Keep an Eye on Your Assets 

A parking lot with several white, delivery vans parked side-by-side.

Whether you have 1, 15, or 100 vehicles out all at once, DroneMobile makes it easy to keep track of them all at a glance. This feature has a direct link to improving the satisfaction of your customer base. If you know what everyone is doing and where they are located, you can more effectively allocate customer requests.

Here’s a quick definition of GPS Tracking:

From the “Track” tab within the app, you can keep tabs on all of your vehicles at a glance, or you can filter down to one vehicle at a time. But, GPS tracking is more than just a map! This function also lets users share their location quickly. You can even get directions to your vehicle directly through the app by clicking the “directions” button. 

DroneMobile app on the tracking page. The location of three vehicles shown.

Here’s how GPS Tracking can improve your business: 

This feature is built to make your business more effective and improve customer satisfaction. If one of your vehicles is lost, you can help them find their way back to their destination. Simply pinpoint where they are on the map and identify where they took a wrong turn! In addition, if you know what everyone is doing and where they are located, you can more effectively allocate customer requests.

DroneMobile GPS Tracking isn’t just about asset tracking though. This feature improves the safety of your employees in case of an emergency. Through the DroneMobile app or, you can pinpoint your driver's location, even if you lose direct communication with them. This way, you can always get your employees the help they need.

DroneMobile GPS Tracking >

Driving Alerts - Monitor Driver Behavior 

Delivery man signing a paper on top of a box in the passenger seat of his delivery van.

Driving alerts help you stay up-to-date with your employee’s activities throughout the day without having to open the app. These notifications are customizable so you only receive the alerts that are important for the effectiveness of your team. 

Here’s a quick definition of Driving Alerts:

Driving Alerts are push notifications you can enable through the DroneMobile app. There are a variety of alerts you can set up, including speeding, curfew, geofence, idling, and ignition alerts.

DroneMobile speeding alert on an iPhone lock screen.

Here’s how Driving Alerts can improve your business: 

Set up alerts for the events that matter to you. Geofences and Ignition alerts are great if you’d like to see when your drivers reach their destinations, or enter/exit certain areas. While turn-by-turn updates are the best choice if you want to track your driver’s progress along their route. 

Speeding and Curfew alerts are built to help with driver training. These features help you track driver behavior so that you can ensure every driver on your team is complying with your standards. You can also use Idling alerts to make sure your vehicles are being used efficiently for the lowest gas costs possible. All alerts you enable can later be seen in your detailed Trip Report, and you can also view them through the Alerts tab. 

Trip Reports - Route Summaries at a Glance

Delivery van driving down a highway lined by fall foliage.

If you’ve been following along with us for a while, you might have seen that we recently added this feature to the DroneMobile app. Before the most recent app update, users could access trip reports through our website at, but now, you have instant access to Trip Reports from anywhere!

Here’s a quick definition of Trip Reports:

DroneMobile Trip Reports give you a way to track all of your vehicle’s routes, as well as all of the alerts your drivers receive on each trip. This can include speeding, curfew, geofence, idling, and ignition alerts.

Trip report showing all of the alerts a vehicle received during a trip.

Here’s how Trip Reports can improve your business: 

The ultimate goal of any fleet management tool is to improve the operations of your vehicles. Trip Reports help you create smart goals for your small business by providing you with objective, detailed feedback on a driver’s overall performance. At the end of each month or every couple of months, you can review employees' habits as a whole so you know what your next steps should be. 

More About Trip Reports >

Now that Trip Reports are integrated within the DroneMobile app, it’s easy for you to check on how your fleet is doing, even if you’re out of the office! 

You can access Trip Reports via the “Activity” tab in your DroneMobile app. Simply select the vehicle and date range you’d like to see reports for as well as a time frame, and all of the trip reports will populate below!

To learn more about how Trip Reports work, check out this post: DroneMobile Releases New Features - Trip Reporting & Dark Mode

New Features Coming to DroneMobile 

Here at Drone, our team is always working to find new ways to improve our app to make it more useful for businesses. We'd like you to be the first to hear about a few exciting features we have in the works. 

  1. Fuel level monitoring - This exciting feature will help you monitor the fuel needs of your entire fleet from your smartphone. Never be surprised by low fuel levels again!
  2. DTC codes - Very soon, your Drone will be able to collect diagnostic trouble codes from your vehicle. Making DTC codes viewable through the DroneMobile app will allow your team to diagnose vehicle problems before calling the mechanic.
  3. Sharing access levels - Currently, with DroneMobile Sharing, there is one access level. Your drivers are unable to delete or edit a vehicle's information, but have access to all other vehicle controls. In the future, we will introduce a variety of access levels so you can set the best one for your team.

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Whether you need turn by turn updates, or simply need to make sure a delivery was made on time, you can turn to DroneMobile for support. While most fleet management companies target large corporations (with the mark-ups to show for it), our aim is to give local companies the same high-quality tools. 

If you would like to learn more about getting your business set up with DroneMobile, reach out to our team today! To speak with a representative, call us at (888) 820-3690, or fill out this form!