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DroneMobile Releases New Features - Trip Reporting & Dark Mode

Mar 15, 2020
DroneMobile Releases New Features - Trip Reporting & Dark Mode

The DroneMobile team is rolling out several new features this week we think you’ll be excited about. There are two main features of this update: added Trips tab and the much-awaited Dark Mode! Let’s talk about how these features work: 

What is DroneMobile Trips?

This feature was previously only available through your account at, but can now be accessed from anywhere through the DroneMobile app! 

If you don’t know, DroneMobile Trips allows you to keep track of all of your vehicle’s routes as well as different alerts. The handy module at the top of the screen lets you see the driver’s amount of speed violations and time spent idling for the selected vehicle. Set up a filter to see a specific date range of trips. This way, you can see the time, distance, and date of all of the trips during that time period, and you can click into individuals logs for more information. 

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Who Can Use DroneMobile Trips?

The short answer to this question is: anyone can use this feature! We think there are many people who would find this feature valuable. Families, businesses, individuals, there are numerous ways to benefit from this tool. However, users with a Basic subscription will not have access to Trip Reporting. 

What Subscription Do I Need?

This feature is available with Premium, Premium Plus, and Ultimate subscriptions. These plans give you a system with a variety of fleet monitoring features. Let’s define what each feature can do for you. 

If you opt for Premium, you’ll have access to the beginning and endpoints of your driver’s trip, as well as the mileage of the entire drive. All three of these tiers adds additional pins to the route to indicate when the driver received alerts such a speeding, curfew, or geofence. Premium Plus and Ultimate give you access to both turn-by-turn and motion updates. Motion updates are sent for Premium Plus every two minutes and every thirty seconds for Ultimate.

Check out this graphic to understand what’s all included in the Trip Reporting feature: 


Fleet Tracking in Real Life 

As I mentioned earlier, DroneMobile’s fleet tracking features can be useful in several different situations. You can benefit from these functions whether you’re an individual, a family, or you own a business. 

User Scenario #1: 

You are an individual who needs to get reimbursed for mileage during work or for specific projects. Using your DroneMobile account, you can keep a careful log of the exact time and mileage for which you can be reimbursed. 

User Scenario #2: 

Use Trip Reporting to keep track of your young driver’s routes. This feature, especially paired with notifications such as curfew and speeding alerts help you make sure your kids are driving safe, even without your supervision. 

User Scenario #3: 

Fleet telematics help business owners to hold their drivers to their standards. Check-in on your drivers while they make deliveries and receive notifications when and where they exceed the speed limit. 

If you’d like to learn how to use this valuable tool, check out this help article: How to use DroneMobile Trips in the DroneMobile App. 

Introducing Dark Mode 

We’re happy to release the dark mode compatible version of the DroneMobile app. Many of you are probably familiar with the benefits of dark mode already, but for those of you who aren’t, here’s an explanation: 

Dark Mode decreases eyestrain and some say even enhances focus by eliminating whitespace on some websites and apps. This UI can also save energy, causing you to have to charge your phone less frequently, depending on the type of screen you have. Easily turn dark mode on or off in your phone settings and DroneMobile will adjust automatically. 

We hope you enjoy these new features. Let us know how you’re using Trip Reporting and enjoying dark mode on our social media pages!


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