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The Best GPS Tracker for Parents with Teen Drivers

May 26, 2021
The Best GPS Tracker for Parents with Teen Drivers

Being a parent is hard work, being a parent to a teen driver is even harder. Handing your teenager the keys to the family car is stressful. Many parents fear that teenagers cannot be trusted to make sound decisions on the road. Teen drivers typically lack the experience and discipline most adult drivers have.

Must-Have Car Tracking Features

Here are a few features every teen-driver monitoring system should have:

  1. GPS Tracking to view your car's location — GPS tracking lets you view your vehicle’s location wherever and whenever. You can easily check on your car and teen to know exactly where they are.
  2. Geofences & Points of Interest to set driving boundaries — These location-based features give parents the ability to set designated driving areas and location alerts.
  3. Curfews & Speeding Alerts to monitor driving behavior — You will receive alerts if your car is speeding or if it is being used outside a set time frame.


At DroneMobile, our goal is to keep young drivers safe by providing parents with a comprehensive, all-in-one tool to monitor and track teenage drivers. We have developed a GPS monitoring app that not only tracks your kids and your vehicle, but doubles as a training tool to help them become better drivers in the future. In this article, we’ll go over the most useful driver monitoring features and how you can use them to keep your teenager safe on the road.

GPS Tracker for Teenagers

teen driver in car checking rearview mirror

As a parent, when your teen driver heads out for the day you might be left wondering, “Where exactly are they going?". With GPS Tracking, you no longer have to ask! Quickly view your teen’s vehicle location from the DroneMobile Track screen to know exactly where they drive. This feature pinpoints their car’s location on a map and displays the current address of their vehicle.

DroneMobile’s GPS Tracking is a great feature for parents who work different shifts but want to keep a close eye on their teenage driver. This allows any family member, registered to the DroneMobile app, to monitor your vehicle’s location. Family Sharing gives you and your spouse the ability to check on your teen’s car even if your wife or husband is busy at work or running errands.

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What are Geofences & Points of Interest?

person setting up geofence perimeter through DroneMobile App

DroneMobile Geofencesnotify you when your vehicle enters and/or exits a boundary.

Geofences allow parents to set up a virtual boundary or “fence” around a geographic location or area on the map. With DroneMobile Geofences, you’ll receive an alert when your vehicle enters and/or exits the area you’ve chosen. This feature is useful for making sure new drivers stay within permitted driving areas. 

To give you a few ideas, geofences can be placed around:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Workplaces
  • Towns/Cities

DroneMobile Points of Interest (POI)alert you when your vehicle’s ignition turns ON or OFF at a chosen address.

Your home is the perfect place to set up as a point of interest. Once the school day has ended, you’ll receive a confirmation when your teen has made it home safely with the car. Geofences and POIs are great training tools for keeping your teen disciplined and only using the car for intended purposes.

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Monitoring Your Teen’s Driving Habits

DroneMobile push notification vehicle speeding alert

DroneMobile's Curfew Monitoring allows parents to set hour-to-hour parameters, so the car is only in use during certain hours of the day. If your car’s engine starts outside of that time frame, you’ll receive a curfew violation notification on your smartphone. Note that, this is simply an alert and does not actually disable your vehicle.

Speeding is a top concern for parents of teen drivers. According to Fix Auto USA, 39% of male drivers age 15 to 20 were speeding at the time of their fatal car accidents. With safety as the number one priority for most parents, it’s important to teach young drivers safe driving habits early on in life.

A key feature within the DroneMobile app is Speeding Alerts. This driver monitoring tool helps new drivers follow the rules of the road, giving parents the ability to set max speed limits on vehicles. You’ll be notified anytime your son or daughter exceeds unsafe speed limits.

Why Get DroneMobile?

With DroneMobile as your primary teen driver tracker, you as a parent can alleviate the stress of having a new and inexperienced driver in the family. Key features within the app including GPS Tracking, Geofences, Curfews, and Speeding Alerts all work together to help you track, train, and monitor your teen driver like never before!

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