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3 Wonderful Stories From DroneMobile Family Sharing Users

Mar 19, 2020
3 Wonderful Stories From DroneMobile Family Sharing Users

If you’ve been using DroneMobile for a while, you might have noticed the “Sharing” tab in your app or your account at But, what does this tool do? Does anyone actually use it? The answers to these questions are simple: “Family Sharing” lets you share vehicle access with family members, colleagues, and customers. And yes, many people are using Family Sharing and loving it! 

In fact, in 2019 we had over 6,000 users set up Family Sharing. We wanted to know what people love about this feature, so we asked them! Let’s check out some of their stories. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Family Sharing, check out this post: How Family Sharing Can Improve Your Car Security

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“It’s such peace of mind”

One thing that came up a lot in these user stories was that DroneMobile helped provide them with peace of mind. One such user, Allan, share his DroneMobile story:

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We love Drone and when we update a vehicle we will get another Drone system, It’s such peace of mind to know and receive messages on my Apple watch that my wife’s SUV has started and when she has arrived at her workplace.
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Allan is referring to engine alerts generated by DroneMobile each time the vehicle starts and stops. Many people, including Allan use this feature to make sure their loved ones have made their morning drives safely.

Allan continued on to share,

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Drone hasn’t saved our lives, yet, but it has made our lives easier and provided peace of mind. That’s a big ask for an app!
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We're glad Family Sharing has helped so many users, Allan included, feel better about their family's vehicle safety!

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“Helped me find family members in stressful situations”

Another popular feature of DroneMobile was referenced by Aaron in her review of the Family Sharing feature: GPS car tracking. Here’s Aaron’s full story. 

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I like that each family member has individual access to the vehicle and I do not need to share a password. I like that invoices and purchases only come to me and other users don't know when I login to look at things or GPS the vehicle. It helped me find some family members in very stressful situations where I otherwise would've been very worried.
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You can use GPS tracking for personal or business vehicles. Family Sharing allows you to add all of your vehicles to a single DroneMobile account, and share them with as many drivers as you please. This way, you can keep track of all your vehicle’s in one place, even if they have different drivers.

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“Convenient car starter that fills all of our needs”

It’s no secret that DroneMobile is convenient. Let's see what one user, Antonio, had to say. 

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We live in a cold area by the mountains of Utah, I was looking to get the car ready and warm without having to walk out and start it manually with this cold weather that we face every day in winter, for my wife and for my 3 kids when she has to take them to school. I decided to get a car starter that allows us to start the vehicle by using an app on our phone. Then I found this convenient car starter that feeds all our needs.
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As many of you know, one of the reasons why people choose to install a DroneMobile system is to control their remote car starter from anywhere! Pairing the Vehicle Controls feature with Family Sharing is great for making sure your entire family is safe and warm on the road.

Antonio finished his story by sharing,

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Now I have peace of mind that they are gonna stay warm while they are driving to school, thanks to DroneMobile.
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If you’re looking for a way to keep your family safer on the road, DroneMobile is the product for you! You can find more information about Family Sharing through our blog, and you can learn how to set-up this feature this post in our help center: Inviting Friends and Family to Your DroneMobile Account