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Live Video Streaming on Drone XC Dash Cams: EXPLAINED

Mar 25, 2024
Live Video Streaming on Drone XC Dash Cams: EXPLAINED

This Spring, DroneMobile is excited to release the Drone XC-LTE - the industry's first-to-market dash cam that integrates with aftermarket alarms and remote starters.

One of the exciting features of Drone XC-LTE is "Live View". Drone XC allows you to view a live video feed of what’s happening at your vehicle. You have the option of live streaming remotely via LTE or while connected to your dash cam’s Wi-Fi inside your vehicle.

In this article, we will explain how "Live View" works. We will also explain the Streaming plans required to activate "Live View via LTE".

Live View via LTE

Drone XC-LTE gives you the ability to see what your car sees in real-time from anywhere in the world. This can be extremely useful if you want to check on your vehicle while it's parked outside or if you want to monitor the driving activity of a family member/employee.

To activate "Live View via LTE", please follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the “Dash Cam” widget on the “Home” page.
  2. Set “LTE” as your “Connection” type
  3. Tap on the thumbnail to open the “Live View” window and wait 10-15 seconds for the live stream to start.
  4. Please wait 8-15 seconds for the live streaming video session to start. Closing the window or the app will instantly terminate the session.

In order to activate Live View via LTE, you must purchase a Streaming plan. Skip to the section below to learn more.

See it here on video:

Live View via Wi-Fi

As an alternative to LTE, Drone XC-LTE also allows remote connection over local wi-fi. This type of connection will only work while you are nearby your vehicle (preferably inside for best performance).

To activate "Live View via Wi-Fi", please follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you are nearby or inside your vehicle as the dash cam’s Wi-Fi has limited range.
  2. Navigate to the “Dash Cam” widget on the “Home” page.
  3. Set “Wi-Fi” as your “Connection” type
  4. Tap on the thumbnail to open the “Live View” window.
    1. Troubleshooting tip: Other Wi-Fi based products like “Wireless CarPlay” or “Wireless Android Auto” can significantly impact Wi-Fi performance of the dash cam. If you are having issues connecting, or staying connected to the dash cam’s Wi-Fi, please connect while the ignition is off.

Please note: your phone may have limited access to the internet while connected to the Drone XC-LTE dash cam's wi-fi.

Streaming Plans for Drone XC-LTE

At launch, DroneMobile will offer two streaming plans for activating "Live View via LTE". Please see the table below to review the plan features and pricing.


Streaming Plus
Live Stream Data Cap 1GB 2GB
LTE Live View Resolution 540p 540p
Live View over LTE yes feature dronemobile yes feature dronemobile
Alarm Alerts with Video yes feature dronemobile yes feature dronemobile
Cloud Video Storage Up to 25GB Up to 50GB
Download from Cloud yes feature dronemobile yes feature dronemobile
Free 30-Day Trial yes feature dronemobile yes feature dronemobile
Monthly Price $7/month $10/month
Monthly Price w/ Premium Plus Free $3/month

Important facts to know about DroneMobile streaming plans:

  1. Streaming plans are sold separately from your primary DroneMobile plan for control and tracking (e.g. Basic, Premium).
  2. You must have a DroneMobile control/tracking plan to purchase a streaming plan.
  3. Premium Plus and Ultimate subscribers get FREE streaming ($7 monthly value).
  4. For wi-fi live view and video playback, no subscription of any type is required.

To learn more about the Drone XC-LTE dash cam, click here to view the product page.