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DroneMobile Updates - Siri Shortcuts, Device Transfers, and More!

Jul 16, 2020
DroneMobile Updates - Siri Shortcuts, Device Transfers, and More!

We just released some exciting new updates for Android and iOS! Our team is always working hard to get you the features you want and the reliability you need. Check out the latest app improvements below.

Updates to DroneMobile (4.4) Android 

  • Major improvements to app speed
  • Works with Google Assistant 
  • Vehicle & device transfers enabled 

Updates to DroneMobile (4.3) iOS 

  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Reviewable release notes for updates 
  • New refresh button for updating status 
  • Vehicle & device transfer enabled 

Siri Shortcuts

iPhone sitting up in a bamboo phone stand open to the Siri Shortcuts app.

After you download the latest DroneMobile updates for iOS, you’ll receive a prompt to set up Siri Shortcuts. Once you enable this feature, you will create your own custom phrases for starting your car's A/C or locking your doors.

Learn more about enabling Siri Shortcuts through this article

Device Transfers

Now, if you sell your vehicle you can easily transfer ownership and control of your Drone device to the new vehicle owner. You can also perform these transfers through your account at, so you can choose the method that's more convenient.

Learn more about vehicle/device transfers through this article.

Google Assistant

Google home mini sitting atop a shelf. Text bubble with words, "What is the PIN?"

Google Assistant allows you to send hands-free commands to your vehicle. This integration takes the convenience of DroneMobile to a whole new level, and allows you to connect your smart home to your smart car!

Learn more about how to set up this feature here

Though not as apparent as the new features above, the latest updates significantly improve the speed and reliability of the DroneMobile app. Sending commands and updating statues is now faster thanks to the hard work of the DroneMobile team. If you need additional help with any of the latest updates, please submit a help ticket.