DroneMobile Updates

February 24, 2017

DroneMobile 3.7 app update

What’s New In This Version

  • Improved Communication – We have updated our command protocol to bring you more reliable communication.

We are always trying to improve how we manage the data coming to and from our servers. Whether it’s speeding up response times or minimizing  loss packets. This time around we made some tweaks to address the concerns on the 201 errors you may have been receiving.


  • Revamped Troubleshooting System – We completely overhauled the troubleshooting system within DroneMobile to help you solve any issues you may be having.

Our previous troubleshooting system was more of a guide on all the potential issues you could be dealing with. This time around we are presenting you with troubleshooting steps based directly on the type of error we’re seeing in the system/network.


  • Service Mode – You can now place your Drone into Service Mode. This will disable all commands for a set time so that your Authorized DroneMobile Dealer can successfully troubleshoot any issues you are having.

We realized that our DroneMobile Dealers did not have it so easy when customers reported issues to them. Using a customers app or calling into our support team just to do basic troubleshooting was not very effective. Service Mode, when turned on by the user, will allow their dealer to properly test/diagnose their issue.

To activate “Service Mode” within the DroneMobile app, go to “Settings” > “Vehicles” > [Your Vehicle Name] and scroll down to “Service Mode”. Press the toggle switch to set the length of the service period (maximum 24 hours).


  • Bug and content fixes.

There always seems to be something and when there is, we try our best to address all the little quirks.


We hope you like the new improvements and we promise to keep them coming!

The DroneMobile Team