Which DroneMobile module do I have in my vehicle?

April 12, 2017

Depending on when or where you purchased your DroneMobile system, you may have any one of our 7 module versions installed inside of your vehicle. While the features of these modules are nearly identical, they are each supported on different networks to provide the best service in your area/region.

On the DroneMobile Blog, you’ll see a quick view of the DroneMobile Server Status; and any outages will be first reported here. At times, a temporary interruption may affect a specific module version.

To identify the module installed inside of your vehicle, go to the “Vehicle Settings” page within the DroneMobile app, either by pressing on your vehicle’s profile image or by going to “Settings” > “Vehicles” from the app menu. On the Vehicle Settings page, scroll down to the “Serial Number” field displayed below your vehicle’s year/make/model information.

Please reference the first two digits of your DroneMobile Serial Number to identify the module version installed inside of your vehicle.

  • 89: DR-2000
  • JJ: DR-3400
  • JD: DR-3100
  • JH: DR-3100R
  • NS: DR-3300
  • JC: DR-3000