General Troubleshooting

We apologize that you are experiencing some issues with our App. We have a couple ideas on how to solve your issues.

Check Your Network Connection

If your smartphone is not connected to a reliable cellular, or internet connection, you may experience some difficulty in sending or receiving communication from your DroneMobile system.If you are receiving spotty internet/cellular reception, try re-starting your smartphone. This may sometimes alleviate some network glitchiness that occurs with web-based smartphone applications.

Restart the DroneMobile Smartphone App

If your DroneMobile Smartphone App is not functioning properly, try to relaunch the app.

In order to do this on an iPhone or iPad, double tap your home button to show your open applications. Swipe up on the DroneMobile application to completely close out the app. Once you have done this, press the DroneMobile App icon from your home screen to restart the app.

Re-Install the DroneMobile Smartphone App

In rare instances, particularly when a new App or OS version has been downloaded, functionality can become temporarily interrupted. In these cases, we recommend deleting the DroneMobile app from your smartphone and re-installing it by visiting your smartphone’s App Store.

Wait 1-2 Hours and Try Again.

On a few rare occasions, the cellular coverage in the area of your vehicle may be spotty, resulting in poor communication from the DroneMobile app. However, networks tend to refresh every 2 hours, allowing your DroneMobile to reconnect with your smartphone.

If after 1-2 hours, you are still experiencing communication errors, there may be an issue with the DroneMobile device installed inside of your vehicle OR there could be intermittent network issues with our carriers (AT&T or Verizon). Please click the button link below to Report an Issue in your area.


Report an Issue