Watch Cannot Connect (401)

What is this error?

The symptoms of this error is that when sending LOCK or ENGINE START commands, you receive a message that your “smart watch is unable to connect to smartphone.”

Why am I receiving this error?

Your Android Wear watch connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If it is unable to connect, you will receive this error.

How can I resolve this issue?

Launch the Android Wear app on your Android smartphone. Select your watch from the drop-down menu in the top left. If you see the text “Trying to connect…” beneath your watch name, there is a connection issue between your watch and smartphone.

Make sure your watch is within range of your Android smartphone. The Bluetooth range is up to 330 feet. Make sure also Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.

Lastly, make sure your watch AND your smartphone are NOT in Airplane Mode.

If you are still experiencing issues, please click here to report an issue.