DroneMobile-Midcity Issue

What are the symptoms of this issue?

If you meet one or more of the following qualifications, you may have been affected by the DroneMobile-Midcity issue:

  • Your vehicle is one of the listed Mercedes-Benz models.
  • Your vehicle has a “Midcity Engineering” remote starter installed inside of it.
  • When you remote start the vehicle from the DroneMobile app, you experience a communication error that says the command was not sent. However, the vehicle does, in fact remote start, despite no confirmation being provided via the app.
  • When you refresh your vehicle’s status on the DroneMobile app, your vehicle’s engine or lock status is often incorrect.



Why am I receiving this error?

You are receiving this error because there is a known compatibility issue between your DroneMobile hardware and the Midcity Engineering remote starter installed in your vehicle.

Because of this, you will actually be able to start your engine with the DroneMobile app, but neither confirmation nor status will be reported to the app, giving you the impression that the vehicle did not actually start.



How can I resolve this issue?

Your “Midcity Engineering” remote starter will need to be updated at your place of installation in order to fully resolve this issue. You will need to provide the following information to a Firstech support agent:

  • DroneMobile username/e-mail
  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle year/make/model
  • “Midcity Engineering” remote start model number (if available)
  • Place of installation
  • Place of installation’s phone number (if available)

Please provide this information to a Firstech support agent, or fill out this online form. You can also contact our client support team at (888)820-3690.