Free DroneMobile Upgrade!

Firstech is offering qualifying Australian and Canadian customers free 3G hardware upgrades for their DroneMobile systems.

The new hardware is our upgraded 3G module, which features better performance, coverage, and over-the-air updatability.

Get my Upgrade!

How do I qualify?

To qualify for this free DroneMobile upgrade, you must meet ALL of the following qualifications.

  1. 1. You are a resident of Australia or Canada.
  2. 2. You have an active DroneMobile subscription assigned to your vehicle.
  3. 3. You have one of the following modules (displayed below) installed on your vehicle.

*6 months of service not required for Australian customers.


Sold from 2009-2012


Sold from 2011-2014


Sold from 2013-2015

How it works


Fill out the form below

Make sure your DroneMobile subscription has 6 or more months remaining. Renew my subscription >


Receive your hardware

We'll ship the product directly to your home, or a dealer will contact you to schedule your install.


Schedule your install*

Contact your authorized DroneMobile installer to replace your hardware module.

*Labor fees are not included in this promotion. Please contact your authorized DroneMobile retailer for pricing on this hardware swapout.

Please Fill Out This Form

If you have a DroneMobile subscription of 6 or more months, please fill out the form below to request your hardware upgrade.
We will be shipping these units via UPS. For this reason, please use a physical address and not a Postal Box.

Serial Number* (Where is my serial number?)
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Why is Firstech offering a free hardware upgrade?
In January of 2017, AT&T sunsetted all of its 2G devices in the U.S., which impacted DroneMobile DR-2000 and DR-1000 systems across the country. While a similar shutdown has not been announced in other countries yet, we are being proactive in getting active DroneMobile users transitioned to our new upgraded 3G hardware.
What will this cost me?
If you have 6 or more months of service, getting the free hardware upgrade will cost you exactly $0 (including free shipping). The only thing you will have to pay is labor for exchanging the unit.
How do I extend my DroneMobile subscription?
To extend your subscription, login to your DroneMobile account at Go to "Subscriptions", then select the vehicle that you'd like to renew and click "Change Plan".
Will my remaining service be transferred to my new device?
Yes! Once you have filled out the form above, we will transfer your remaining service to your new device. Don't worry, we'll leave at least 30 days on your existing device to give you time to arrange installation.