2G Network Shutdown

Effective August 15th, 2018, regional network carriers in Canada will be discontinuing support for the 2G network, disrupting DroneMobile services for vehicles that utilize these types of connections.

In light of this, please avoid leaving your keys in the car. If DroneMobile service is interrupted, you will NOT be able to unlock your doors from the app

Request Upgrade

Active yearly subscription or module purchase may be required.

What can I do to continue DroneMobile Services?

If you have completed a 3G Hardware Request already, your DR-3400 should arrive shortly. Please contact your place of installation at your earliest convenience to swap out your module.

  1. 1. If you have not completed a 3G Hardware Request, please submit a ticket with your username and serial number: https://support.dronemobile.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. An active yearly subscription or purchase of module may be required.
  2. 2. Get it installed. Contact one of our regional distributors to find a dealer near you.
    Western Canada + Ontario - Staub - 1(888)470-2211
    Eastern Canada - Robert Thibert - 1(800)268-1062

Alternatively, if you know where your current Drone module is located, you can replace it yourself. Watch this video to learn more >.