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DroneMobile Package Options

There are multiple DroneMobile packages and two service plans. The basic system starts at $199.99* and includes 90 days of service. Each additional year of service starts at $49.99* for unlimited use. Now available: 3 Year Basic and Premium Plans! Click on the buttons on the right for details.

Premium Plan
DR-2000 (North America)
DR-3000 (North America)
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MSRP $199.99*
DR-3100 (U.S. Only)
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MSRP $199.99**
What's Included:
  • DR-HRN-3KHW (Hardwire Harness)
  • Compatible with DR-3000 & DR-3100
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*For an installed price, please contact a local authorized DroneMobile, Compustar, or Arctic Start retailer. Service plan pricing does not include any and all applicable sales tax.